Short Stories

From the Neck Up, my collection of dark stories, is currently available from Titan Books.

Black Shuck Books published my mini-collection about classic monsters – it’s called Fearsome Creatures and it is a bargain at 99p. It contains a story that I might even call my favourite of my own efforts, and it hasn’t appeared anywhere else.

There’s only one mention of mushrooms in the collection – see if you can find it….

Stories that are free to read online:

The Spoils, up at Beneath Ceaseless Skies, deals with the dismemberment of an underground monster, the giving of gifts, and a longed-for escape into light.

Lump Sum Love, first available on Daily SF, is a very short look into a relationship that’s under a lot of strain. Maybe the alien invasion and new transactional process has something to do with it.

Knotlings is currently available to read or listen to at The Dark Magazine. It’s a dark fantasy about generational differences – a mother tries to teach her son how to deal with a problem they share, but finds his approach is not like her own.

And an older one – The Librarian, touching on my fascination with information and how we use it. What might the library of the future look like? Why will we still need trained professionals to access it? First published in Bourbon Penn.

Ten Years of Short Stories:


Possibilities are Endless. Black Static. TBC.


From the Neck Up (audio). Fictionz. Jan 2022.

Rich Growth. Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Feb 2022.

Knotlings. The Dark. Apr 2022.

Cold Trade. F&SF. May/Jun 2022.

Plans For Expansion. The Drabblecast. Jul 2022.

Fog and Pearls at the King’s Cross Junction. Year’s Best Fantasy and Science Fiction 2021. Aug 2022.


More Sea Creatures to See. Shoreline of Infinity. April 2021.

Toxic. (Audio) The Tiny Bookcase Podcast. May 2021.

Soapstone. Beyond The Veil/Flame Tree Press. Oct 2021.

The Complex, Dark. Lore and Disorder. Oct 2021.

The Chorus. Out of the Darkness/Unsung Stories. Oct 2021.

Lovers on the Yuleton Lip. Parsec issue 2. Dec 2021.

A Taste for Paste. They’re Coming to Get You! Vol 1. Animals and Insects. Dec 2021.


Reflection, Refraction, Dispersion. Uncertainties IV/Swan River Press. Feb 2020.

The Spoils. Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Feb 2020.

The Christmas Repentance of the Mole Butcher of Tetbury. Stories of Hope and Wonder/NewCon Press. Apr 2020.

Lump Sum Love. Daily Science Fiction. July 2020.

Fog and Pearls at the Kings Cross Junction. London Centric/NewCon Press. October 2020.

Midsummer Eve. Midsummer Eve/Black Shuck Books. October 2020.


The Alteration. Shallow Creek/Storgy. Apr 2019.

Wrapped. Disturbing the Beast/Boudicca Press. Apr 2019.

Dark Shells. Best of British Fantasy/NewCon Press. 2019.

The Tiny Traveller. Once Upon a Parsec/NewCon Press 2019.

Star in the Spire. An Invite to Eternity. Calque Press 2019.

Territory: Blank. Best of British Science Fiction/NewCon Press. 2019.

Chantress. The Forgotten and the Fantastical 5/Mother’s Milk Books. Oct 2019.

Bars of Light. The Once and Future Moon/Eibonvale Press. Nov 2019.


Corwick Grows. The Dark. Mar 2018.

Uniquo. Best of British Science Fiction 2017/NewCon Press. Apr 2018.

Ear to Ear. Tales From the Shadow Booth. July 2018.

Chekhov’s Gun. Far Horizons. August 2018.

Territory: Blank. Interzone. September 2018.

Pack Your Coat. New Fears 2. Oct 2018.

Dark Shells. This Dreaming Isle/Unsung Stories. Oct 2018.

Day of the Dog. The Drabblecast. Dec 2018.


The Chambermaid. Black Static. Mar 2017.

Fire at Will. Confingo 7. May 2017.

The Tears of a Building Surveyor, and Other Stories. Strange Horizons. Sept 2017.

Blessings Erupt. Interzone. Sept 2017.

Uniquo. 2084/Unsung Stories. Sept 2017.


The Librarian. Bourbon Penn. Feb 2016.

House of Infinite Diversions. Strange Little Girls/Belladonna Publishing. Mar 2016.

Into Glass. Blue Monday Review V3 N2. Apr 2016.

The Multicoloured and Botanical Life Story. InShades Mag. May 2016.

Brushwork. Giganotosaurus. May 2016.

Bird Charming for Beginners. BFS Horizons #3. July 2016.

Three Love Letters from an Unrepeatable Garden. Interzone. September 2016.

Songs For Dead Children. Killing Me Softly/Digital Fiction Publishing. October 2016.


A Very Modern Monster. European Monsters/Fox Spirit Press. Jan 2015.

Penelope Napolitano and the Butterflies. Women Writing the Weird II/Dog Horn Publishing. Jan 2015.

Blossoms Falling Down. Interzone. Mar 2015.

Good Old Dirt. Sensorama/Eibonvale Press. Mar 2015.

The Places Where We Wait. Better Than Fiction II/Lonely Planet. Nov 2015.

Catch. More Nuggets from Gold Dust/Gold Dust anthology. Nov 2015.


Linkless. Perihelion. Jan 2014.

White Cards. Vending Machine Press. (Nominated for the Pushcart Prize) Feb 2014.

Endless Art. Bourbon Penn. Mar 2014.

Glum Dreams. 3 Lobed Burning Eye. Mar 2014.

Ozymandias. Expanded Horizons. Nov 2014.

Many-Eyed Monsters. Black Static. Nov 2014.

From the Neck Up. Unsung Stories. Nov 2014.


Ice Cold, Red Hot. Sein und Werden. Feb 2013.

Rock Song. Kaleidotrope. June 2013.

The Wandering Scent. Rustblind and Silverbright/Eibonvale Press. July 2013.

Castle of the Slave. Perihelion. Aug 2013.

Waiting Room. Horror Without Victims/Megazanthus Press. Aug 2013.

Owls and Pussycats. Litro. Oct 2013.

Words, Recorded. Per Contra. Oct 2013.

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